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TITLE: Kela reinforced drainage pipe
Scope of application:

Carat tube both hot winding high density polyethylene winding structure wall tube, HDPE winding structure wall tube wall tube profile HDPE winding structure based on high density polyethylene resin as the main raw material, using hot coil type craft, Yang for polypropylene (PP) single wall corrugated pipe support structure made of special structure with relatively high external pressure ability wall pipes.

Carat tube profile

Carat tube products can be divided into PR, OP, SQ, VW three series, including: PR, OP - mainly used for underground pipes, SQ - mainly used in the manufacture of container or CMC, VW - is mainly used for tee, elbow, secondary processing and forming of pipe fittings, the product is most used in PR series, the product inside surface is smooth, external adds structure to the special shape pipe standard length is 6 meters, pipe diameter range for 12 - DN4000, product indexes meet the GB/T 19472. 2-2004 type B structure wall tube and PREN - 13476 European standard requirements.

The characteristics of the cratron performance

The performance characteristics of HDPE winding structural wall tube are as follows

1. Hot winding sealing quality Squeezing die extrusion molding machine mouth in the molten state of the flat belt and U strip, according to a predetermined position even wrapped around the heating roller mold, to ensure the structure wall pipe welded seam quality. In particular, the sealing seam of the flat belt in structural design is covered by polyethylene coated support pipe, which improves the overall anti-external pressure capacity of the products

The installation performance excellent pipeline connection is used in the socket pre-buried electric fuse and the material socket connection technology, the connection quality is high. 100% no leakage guarantees the same sex and running safety of the piping system's life. At the same time, because the product under the condition of the same application than other tube light weight, easy to transport, construction is convenient and quick, can reduce the construction cost, in the range of application, without concrete cushion layer and concrete jaasiel groove can directly apply the tube after qualified, basically stay do under excavation, side tube, while backfilling, simplifies the construction procedures, shortening the time limit for a project. Acceptance of the project, will use the breath test instead of close water test, both to speed up the acceptance, and section of the closed water test of multifarious work and a lot of test fee carat pipe connection.

3. Good flexibility, high density polyethylene winding structure wall pipe in macro and has good flexibility, and partial section has strong rigidity and overall ability to resist external pressure, the road to have overweight load when using, can ensure traffic safety. Due to the flexible pipe, the earthquake, when the surface geological activities, such as uneven settlement, also can bring pipe damage loss down to a minimum, so as to improve the utility of seismic disaster reduction ability carat flexible tube.

4. Can use recycling HDPE, belongs to the green environmental protection product winding structure wall tube, the main raw material for high density polypropylene no toxicity, no dye content in the process of production and produce, can be 100% recycled waste pipes. They are environmentally friendly and secure green products

Anti-corrosion, aging and service life ensure that the high density polyethylene has a strong ability to resist corrosion and erosion. Therefore, the wound structure wall tube shall not be treated with corrosion protection when conveying corrosive fluid or laying in corrosive soil, and performance is much better than that of other pipes. During the design process, the product is chosen to make reasonable product structure, ensure the life of the plastic tube is over 50 years, and avoid maintenance during the lifetime

6. Tube inner surface roughness is low, large carrying capacity Products around the structure wall pipe wall roughness N is about 0.010, so the transmission fluid than friction small, relative to other ticket and inside diameter of the carrying capacity under the same operating environment more cement pipe can be greatly improved. So it can be smaller inner diameter coil structure wall tube replace cement pipe diameter is larger In application, under the same conditions using wall pipe winding structure engineering and reliability compared with the traditional pipe material will be increased, the comprehensive benefit is obvious, especially in the narrow construction site, building density, underground pipeline and complicated traffic busy roads and in acid and alkaline soil, laid the superiority